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The Truth of the Christian Religion

In six Books

The English Translation of

"De veritate religionis Christianae"


Hugo Grotius

Dutch Reformer (1583-1645)

Corrected with notes by Mr. Le Clerc, Translated into English by John Clark,D.D., Dean of Sarum

Originally published in 1627 in Latin

1840 Edition in English


Title Page of The Truth of the Christian Religion in six Books, by the Hugo Grotius (1840 Edition in English)


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The Truth of the Christian Religion: In six Books, by Hugo Grotius (1840 Edition in English)



Section I. The Occasion of this work … 1

Section II. That there is a God … 3

Section III. That there is but one God … 6

Section IV. All perfection is in God … 7

Section V. And in an infinite degree … 8

Section VI. That God is eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, and completely good … 8

Section VII. That God is that cause of all things … 8

Section VIII. The objection, concerning the cause of evil, answered … 15

Section IX. Against two principles … 16

Section X. That god govern the universe ... 16

Section XI. And the affairs of this lower world and all the particulars in it … 17

Section XII. This is further proved by the preservation of empires … 18

Section XIII. And by miracles … 19

Section XI. But more especially amongst the Jews, who ought to be credited upon the account of the long continuance of their religion … 20

Section XV. From the truth and antiquity of Moses … 22

Section XVI. From foreign testimonies … 24

Section XII. The same proved also from predictions. And other arguments … 63

Section XIII. The objection of miracles not being seen now, answered … 66


Section I. That the Christian religion is true … 77

Section II. The proof that there was such a person as Jesus. That he died an ignominious death. … 78

Section III. And yet after his death was worshipped by wise men … 79

Section IV. The cause of which could be no other, but those miracles which were done by him ... 79

Section V. Which miracles cannot be ascribed to any natural or diabolical power, but must be from God ... 81

Section VI. The resurrection of Christ proved from credible testimony ... 84

Section VII. The objection drawn from the seeming impossibility of a resurrection answered ... 87

The truth of Jesus' doctrine proved from his resurrection ... 89

Section VIII. That the Christian religion exceeds all others ... 89

Section IX. The excellency of the rewards proposed ... 90

Section X. A solution of the objection, taken from hence, that the bodies after their dissolution cannot be restored ... 93

Section XI. The exceeding purity of its precepts, with respect to the worship of God ... 97

Section XII. Concerning those duties of humanity, which we owe to our neighbour, though he has injured us ... 100

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The Truth of the Christian Religion

THE TRANSLATOR’S PREFACE To the Christian Reader

The general acceptation this piece of Grotius has met with In the world, encouraged this translation of it, together with the notes; which, being a collection of ancient testimonies, upon whose authority and truth the genuineness of the books of holy Scripture depends, are very useful in order to the convincing anyone of the truth of the Christian religion. These notes are for the most part Grotius's own, except some few of Mr. Le Clerc’s, which I have therefore translated also, because I have followed his edition, as the most correct.

The design of the book is to show the reasonableness of believing and embracing the Christian religion above any other; which our author does, by laying before us all the evidence that can be brought, both internal and external, and declaring the sufficiency of it; by enumerating all the marks of genuineness in any books, and applying them to the sacred writings: and by making appear the deficiency of all other institutions of religion, whether Pagan, Jewish, or Mahometan. So that the substance of the whole is briefly this; that as certain as is the truth of natural principles, and that the mind can judge of what is agreeable to them; as certain as is the evidence of men's bodily senses, in the most plain and obvious matters of fact: and as certainly as men's integrity and sincerity may be discovered, and their accounts delivered down to posterity faithfully; so certain are we of a truth of the Christian religion; and that if it be not true, there is no such thing as true religion in the world; neither was ...

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The Truth of the Christian Religion: In six Books, by Hugo Grotius (1840 Edition in English)

"Should not a people seek their God? Should they seek the dead on behalf of the living? To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this Word, it is because there is no light in them." Isaiah 8:19-20
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