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ABOUT CATHOLIC APOLOGETICS: These works have been placed online so that those of a Catholic as well as a Protestant and Gospel faith might become more familiar with the points of controversy, the resources and methods, the debate itself and the manner in which the Church and her theologians have historically managed the discourse in defense of tradition and Church law over the simple faith of the Gospel that was originally preached.


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Allen, William (1532-1594)

William Allen was an English Roman Catholic Cardinal and Founder of the English Jesuit Colleges at Douai and Rome (Society of Jesus). Allen was involved in the Spanish Armada, which attempted to invade England to depose Protestant Queen Elizabeth I and return it to Roman Catholic control. Allen was also a chief player in the creation of the original annotated edition of the Roman Catholic Douai-Rheims Bible (see the 1582 Rheims New Testament).

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ONLINE BOOK: A True, Sincere and Modest Defence of English Catholics that Suffer for their Faith Both at Home and Abroad, Against a False, Seditious and Slanderous Libel, Entitled: 'The Execution of Justice in England.' Wherein is declared how unjustly the Protestants do charge Catholics with treason; how untruly they deny their persecution for Religion; and how deceitfully they seek to abuse strangers about the cause, greatness and manner of their sufferings, with divers other matters pertaining to this pamphlet.
by Cardinal William Allen

Originally published in 1584. A 1914 Edition in 2 volumes.

"Whether the Bull of Pius V. against the Queen's Majesty be a lawful sentence, and ought to be obeyed by the subjects of England? Whether the Queen's Majesty be a lawful Queen, and ought to be obeyed by the subjects of England, notwithstanding the Bull of Pius V. or any other bull or sentence that the Pope hath pronounced or may pronounce against her Majesty? Whether the Pope have or had power to authorize her subjects to rebel or take arms against her, or to invade her dominions; and whether such subjects so doing, do lawfully therein? Whether the Pope have power to discharge any of her Majesty's subjects, or the subjects of any Christian prince from their allegiance or oath of obedience to her Majesty, or to their Prince for any cause?"


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Becani, Martini

Martini Becani was a Roman Catholic Theologian and Jesuit Priest of the Society of Jesus (Societatis Iesu).

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ONLINE BOOK: Opusculorum Theologicorum (Theological Works) by by Martini Becani, S.J. Opusculorum Theologicorum (Theological Works)
by Martini Becani, S.J.

A 1621 Edition in Latin In Latin.

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Bede or Baeda (673-735)

Bede, also known as Baeda, was an Priest of the Monastery of Jarrow on the Tyne who lived from 673-735 ad.

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Church Fathers - The Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation

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Bossuet, James Benignus (1627-1704)

James Benignus Bossuet, or Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet, was a French Roman Catholic Bishop of Condom, France and afterwards Meaux, France. Bossuet was a Court Preacher to Louis XIV of France and a controversialist.

Free Online Books:

ONLINE BOOK: Conference of the Authority of the Church: held March 1st, 1679, Between James Benignus Bossuet and John Claude, Calvinist Minister at Charenton. Together with Reflections on a Treatise by M. Claude, by the Bishop of Condom
by Bishop James Benignus Bossuet

Originally published in 1679, "Conférence Avec le Pasteur Claude." An 1842 Edition, Baltimore.

"In no country is Protestantism more active than in the United States, in endeavoring to uphold its discordant principles, and consequently no where does the evil call for a more powerfully counteracting influence. The ablest controversial works for undeceiving our dissenting brethren, are those which point out the fallacies of the Protestant system, and expose its utter inconsistency with the plainest maxims of Christian morality. Among the works of this class, the "Conference between Bossuet and Claude" has always been considered of the highest merit and of surpassing interest; and it is now offered to the public, under the conviction that it will be found a most valuable accession to the polemical literature that is in circulation amongst us." (Preface to the American Edition)


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Campion, Edmund (1540-1581)

Saint Edmund Campion, S.J., was an English Roman Catholic Jesuit Priest of the Society of Jesus who was tried and executed for high treason during the reign of Protestant Queen Elizabeth I of England. Campion was canonised as a Roman Catholic Saint in 1970 by Pope Paul VI.

Free Online Books:

ONLINE BOOK: Rationes Decem or Ten Reasons Proposed to His Adversaries for Disputation in the Name of the Faith and Presented to the Illustrious Members of Our Universities
by St. Edmund Campion, S.J.

Originally published in 1581. A 2009 Reprint of the 1910 Edition. In Latin and English parallel columns In Latin In English, with notes and footnotes by the 1910 translator, a Jesuit Priest.

"What induced Luther's whelps to expunge off-hand from the genuine canon of Scripture, Tobias, Ecclesiasticus, Maccabees, and, for hatred of these, several other books involved in the same false charge?" "These people, if they want to have a Church at all, are compelled to crack up a Church all hidden away; and to claim parents whom they themselves have never known, and no mortal has ever set eyes on. Perhaps they glory in the ancestry of men whom every one knows to have been heretics, such as Aerius, Jovinianus, Vigilantius, Helvidius, Berengarius, the Waldenses, the Lollards, Wycliffe, Huss, of whom they have begged sundry poisonous fragments of dogmas."


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De Thou, Jacques-Auguste (1553-1617)

Jacques-Auguste De Thou, or Jacobus Augustus Thuanus, was a French Roman Catholic Historian (Historien Français), Privy Councillor to the King of France, and President of the Supreme Senate.

Free Online Books:

ONLINE BOOK: Histoire Universelle de Jacques-Auguste de Thou, Avec La Suite Par Nicolas Rigault; Les Memoires de la Vie de L'Auteur, un Recueil de Pieces Concernant sa Personne & ses Ouvrages: y comrises les Notes & Principales Variantes, Corrections & Restitutions, qui se trouvent dans les MSS. de la Biblioteque du ROI de France, de Mrs. Du Puy, Rigault, & de Sainte-Marthe. Le tout traduit sur las nouvelle Edition Latine de Londres. Et Augmenté de Remarques Historiques & Critiques de Casaubon, de Du Plessis Mornay, G. Laurent, Ch. de L'Ecluse, Guy Patin, P. Bayle, J. Le Duchat (Tome Second, 1551-1560 ad)
by Jacques-Auguste de Thou

1742 Édition Français (French Edition) en Francais (in French). Tome Second, 1551-1560 ad (Volume 2). Suivant la Copie imprimée à Londres, a Basle, Chez Jean Louis Brandmuller.

"L'Empereur étoit fort inquiet de voir que malgré les heureux succès dont Ferdinand de Gonzague l'avoit flatté, la guerre de Parme traînoit en longueur, qu'un feu dangereux étoit allumé dans le Piémont, & (ce qui lui faisoit le plus de peine) que le Pape dégouté de la guerre, souhaitoit extrêmement de faire la paix." (Henri II, 1551 Affaires d'Italie)

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Du Pin, Lewis Ellies (1520-1598)

Lewis Ellies Du Pin was a Roman Catholic Doctor of the Sorbon, a theological college in Paris, France.

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ONLINE BOOK: A New Ecclesiastical History Containing an Account of the Controversies in Religion; The Lives and Writings of Ecclesiastical Authors; An Abridgment of their Works and a Judgement on their Style and Doctrine: Also A Compendious History of the Councils and All Affairs Transacted in the Church
by Lewis Ellies Du Pin

A 1699 Edition in English, translated from the Original French.

"In the Third [Canon] , the Lords of the respective places are recommended to search after Heretics, and to ruin the places whither they resort. In the Fourth, there is added the Penalty of Losing their Estates, against those who know that a Heretic lives in their territories and will suffer it. And with respect to those who shall neglect to make Inquisition after them, it is ordered in the next Canon, that they shall likewise be punished for their neglect. The houses where Heretics shall be found are not so much as spared; and in the Sixth Canon, it is declared that they shall be destroyed, and that the ground shall be confiscated. The Bailiffs are condemned to the loss of their Offices and Estates, who shall be careless and negligent in searching after Heretics. ... The Fourteenth prohibits Laicks from having the Books of the Old or New-Testament, unless it be a Psalter or a Breviary, and the Rosary, and does not permit them so much as to Translate them into the Vulgar tongue." (The Council of Toulouse in the Year 1229)


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English College at Rheims

The English College at Rheims was a Roman Catholic College of the Society of Jesus, which was created for the training of Jesuit Priests for the infiltration and re-conversion of England to Papal control, as well as for numerous assassination plots attempts against the Protestant Queen Elizabeth I and her government. The College was founded at Rheims, France by Cardinal William Allen and was later moved to Douay, France.

Free Online Books:

ONLINE BOOK: 1582 Rheims New Testament (with Original Annotations)
The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; Translated Out of the Latin Vulgate, Diligently Copared with the Original Greek, and First Published by the English College of Rheims, Anno 1582, with Original Preface, Arguments and Tables, Marginal Notes, and Annotations.

by the English College at Rheims

ONLINE BOOK: An 1834 Edition Reprint of the Original 1582 Annotated Edition of the Roman Catholic Rheims New Testament. The Rheims New Testament presented here is a 19th Century Protestant Reprinting of the 1582 Rheims New Testament (annotated edition). It contains the original translation and preface, and the notes and annotation that were included in the 1582 volume prepared by the English College at Rheims. The Testament is a translation made by the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), as a tool of the Counter Reformation. The Jesuit translation was provided under the direction of Gregory Martin, an Englishman and the chief linguist at Rheims, who was an outspoken Catholic Apologist and Controversialist. The annotations in the Rhemish Testament were provided under the direction of Nicholas Saunders (Jesuit), a controversialist dedicated to countering the historical and scriptural proofs of the Reformation. This translation became the basis for the revised Douai-Rheims or Douay-Rheims Bible still used by Catholics today.

"Drunken of the blood. It is plain, that this woman signifieth the whole corp of all the persecutors that have and shall shed so much blood of the just: of the Prophets, Apostles, and other Martyrs from the beginning of the world to the end. The Protestants foolishly expound it of Rome, for that there they put Heretics to death, and allow of their punishment in other countries: But their blood is not called the blood of Saints, no more than the blood of thieves, mankillers, and other malefactors: for the shedding of which by order of justice, no commonwealth shall answer." (Original Annotation on Apocalypse 17:6)

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Bibles and Historical Commentaries


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Nevins, Willis

Free Online Books:

ONLINE BOOK: The Persecutions of Protestants by St. François de Sales The Persecutions of Protestants by St. François de Sales
(A generally suppressed Chapter of History)

by Willis Nevins

An 1880 Edition.

"He, who said to His Apostles, 'Go, teach all nations,' gave only to them the right of teaching. Public education belongs to the priests - for the lessons which take precedence of all others they alone can teach." "Give a free exercise to thought when it is on behalf of defence of truth. [Liberty is in one direction but not in the other. This is one of the points Protestants make against Catholics. Of course a Religion which claims infallibility can logically be more intolerant than one which only offers truth as a probability.]" "If you believe it for the good of religion to banish (chassér) Protestants from the public offices, do not hesitate." (Francis de Sales counsels the Duke of Savoy)


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Varillas, Antione (1626-1696)

Antione Varillas was a French Roman Catholic Historian (Historien Français).

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ONLINE BOOK: Histoire du Wiclefianisme. Ou de la Doctrine de Wiclef, Jean Hus, et Jerome de Prague. Avec celle des Guerres de Boheme, qui en ont esté les suites
by Antione Varillas

A 1682 Édition Français (French Edition) en Francais (in French). A Roman Catholic history of Wycliffism or the Doctrines of Wycliffe, Huss, and Jerome of Prague, and the Wars of Bohemia.

"Il est vrai que l'Histoire des Heresies de Luther & de Calvin, semble satisfaire pleinement cette curiosité, mais on peut dire qu'il manque quelque chose dont on ne peut s'instruire que par une connoissance un peu exacte de l'Histoire de l'Heresie de Viclef, de Jean Hus, & de Jerôme de Prague. En effet c'est cette heresie qui est la veritable source des deux dernieres, & elles se ressemblent tellement, soit qu'on examine leurs dogmes, soit que l'on considere les motifs qui les ont produits, ou que l'on fasse reflexion sur la conduite de leurs Auteurs, sur les moiens qi'ils ont emploiez, & sur le succez qu'ils ont eu, qu'on prendroit plûtost l'Heresie de Luther & de Calvin pour cette de Viclef & de Jean Hus ressuscitée, que pour une nouvelle Heresie."


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