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A Dissuasion from
Roman Catholicsm

Originally published as
"A Dissuasive from Popery"


Rev. Jeremy Taylor

(1613-1667, Chaplain to King Charles I)

1664 Edition


Title Page of A Dissuasion from Roman Catholicsm by Jeremy Taylor (Apologetic Sermon on Roman Catholicsm)

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A Dissuasion from Roman Catholicsm, originally published as "A Dissuasive from Popery" by Jeremy Taylor (Apologetic Sermon on Roman Catholicsm, 1664 Edition)


When a Roman Gentleman had, to please himself, written a book in Greek, and presented it to Cato; he desired him to pardon the faults of his expressions, since he wrote in Greek, which was tongue in which he was not perfect master. Cato told him he had better then to have let it alone and written in latin, by how much it is better not to commit a fault, than to make apologies. For if the thing be good, it needs not to be excused; if it be not good, a crude apology will do nothing but confess the fault, but never make amends. I therefore make this address to all who will concern themselves in reading this book, not to ask their pardon



A DISSUASIVE FROM POPERY To the People of Ireland ... 1.


CHAPTER I The Doctrine of the Roman Church in the Controverted Articles in neither Catholic, Apostolic nor Primitive ... 5

CHAPTER II The Church of Rome, as it is at this day disordered, teaches Doctrines, and uses Practises, which are in themselves, or in their true and immediate Consequences, direct Impieties, and give warranty to a wicked Life ... 127

CHAPTER III The Church of Rome teaches Doctrines, which in many things are destructive of Christian Society in general, and of Monarchy in Special: Both which the Religion of the Church of England and Ireland does by her Doctrines greatly and Christianly Support ... 260

for my fault in doing of it; I know of none; for if I had known them I would have mended them before the publication; and yet though I know not any, I do not question but much fault will be found by too many; I wish I have given them no cause for their so doing. But I do not only mean it in the particular periods, (where every man that is not a son of the
NOTE: Hail & Fire does not agree with all the views expressed by the author of this work. This work is presented soley for its gleaning potential.

Just as John Lightfoot and others, Bishop Jeremy Taylor held a dilluted vision of the purity and holiness demanded by the Gospel and therefore took issue with the Gospel Christians of the day, who were known as Puritans. The Puritans where called 'Non-Conformists' when they would not conform to the Church of England's corruption of certain doctrines. In this work, Taylor accuses the Puritans in the very same manner the Pharisee's accused Jesus, that if they were left alone to preach the truth, they would even cause the whole nation to fall (John 11:48-50). However it was this very empowering of the class of Bishops which has led to what we see today in the Church of England, as it rejoins communion with Rome. This empowering of the Bishops over the ways and manners of the Church, is the greater part of the Non-Conformist or Puritan stance, for they stood on the purity of the Gospel outside the trappings of ecclesiastial rule.

Many excellent Puritan works can be read free online in Hail & Fire's online library.


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Church of England or Ireland, will at least do an Apollonius did to the Apparition that affrighted his company on the mountain Caucasus, he will revile and persecute me with evil words) but I mean it in the whole design, and men will reasonably or capritiously ask, Why any more controversies? Why this over again? Why against the Papists, against whom so very many are already exasperated, that they cry out fiercely of persecution? And why can they not be suffered to enjoy their share of peace, which has returned in the hands of His Sacred Majesty at his blessed restoration? For as much of this as concerns my self I make no excuse, but give my reasons, and hope to justify this procedure with that modesty which David used to his angry brother, saying, What have I now done? is there not a cause? The cause is this:

The Reverend Fathers my Lords the Bishops of Ireland in their circumspection and watchfulness over their flocks having espied grievous wolves to have entered in, some with sheeps clothing, and some without, some secret enemies, and some open, at first endeavored to give check to those enemies which had put fire into the bed straw; and though God has very much prospered their labors, yet they have work enough to do, and will have, till God shall call them home to the land of peace and unity. But it was soon remembered, that when King James of blessed memory had discerned the spirits of the English Non-Conformists, and found them peevish and factious, unreasonable and imperious, not only unable to govern, but as inconsistent with the government, as greedy to snatch at it for themselves; resolved to take off their disguise, and put a difference between Conscience and Faction, and to bring to the measures and rules of Laws; and to this the Council and all wise men were consenting, becuse by the King great wisdom, and the conduct of the whole conference and inquiry, men saw there was reason on the Kings side, and necesity on all sides. But the Gun-Powder Treason breaking out, a new zeal was enkindled against the Papists, and it shined so greatly, that the Non-Conformists escaped by the light of it, and quickly grew warm by the heat of that flame, to which they added no small increase by their declamations and other acts of insinuation: insomuch that they being neglected, multiplied until they got power enough to do all those mischiefs which we have seen and felt. This being remembered and spoken of, it was soon observed that the tables only were now turned, and that now the public zeal and watchfulness against those men and those persuasions, which so lately have afflicted us, might give to the emissaries of the Church of Rome leisure and opportunity to grow into numbers and strength to debauch many souls, and to unhinge the saftey and preace of the kingdom. ...


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