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History of the Huguenots

by the

American Sunday School Union

1844 Edition


History of the Huguenots by the American Sunday School Union (1844 Edition)


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History of the Huguenots by the American Sunday School Union (1844 Edition)


CHAPTER I ... page 9.

Dawn of the Reformation in France

Le Fevre and William Farel

Francis Angoulême and his sister

Count Briçonnet, Bishop of Meaux

Francis ascends the throne

Portions of the Scripture translated and distributed

Apostasy of Briçonnet

Persecution of his flock

Intolerant spirit of the court and ecclesiastics

Martyrdom of the Hermit of Livry

CHAPTER II ... page 22.

John Calvin

Marriages of Margaret to Henry D'Albret

Her writings

Expiatory procession instituted

Version of the Psalms

Calvin publishes his Institutes

Persecution of the Christians in Provence

Death of Francis I

Accession of Henry II

Influence of the Lorrain princes

Conversion of Admiral Coligny

Edict of Chateaubriand

Attack upon an assembly of Protestant worshippers

The Pré-aux-clercs

Five members of the Parliament committed to the Bastile

First National Synod of the Reformed

Death of Henry and accession of Francis II

Martyrdom of Dubourg

Catharine de Medicis

Protestants first called Huguenots

Death of Francis II

Accession of Charles IX

Outrages at Vassay


Persecutions increase

Death of the King of Navarre

Treatise of Amboise

Longjumeau, and St. Germains

Plot against Condé and Coligny

Bloody warfare

Catharine's new policy

Coligny and Jane of Navarre at the French court

Forebodings of the Huguenots

CHAPTER III ... page 53.

Complaints of the Queen of Navarre

Her death, character, and will

Marriage of Henry of Navarre with Margaret of Valois

Preparations for a fearful event

Attempt upon Coligny's life

Apprehensions of the Huguenots

Signal for the massacre of St. Bartholomew

Death of Coligny

Arrest of Henry of Navarre and the Prince of Condé

Sully's narrative of his own escape

Narrative of Marshal de la Force

Orders for the extension of the massacre throughout France

Humanity of some of the governors

Manner in which the intelligence was received at the different courts

Walsingham's statements

CHAPTER IV ... page 81.

Navarre and Condé attend mass

Escape of many Huguenots to other countries

War declared against the Protestants

La Rochelle invested

Compromise with the Rochellois

Anjou elected to the crown of Poland

Siege of Sancerre

Sickness and death of Charles IX

Accession of the King of Poland to the crown of France

His marriage

Duplicity of Catharine

Escape of Condé, Alençon and Navarre

The Huguenots welcom them

Treaty of Bergerac

Origin of the League

Effeminacy of Henry III

Death of Condé

Assassination of Guise

Death of Catharine de Medicis

Reconciliation between Henry and the King of Navarre

King of France stabbed by James Clement

Declares Henry of Navarre his successor

Death of the king, and joy of the people

Opposition to Henry's accession

Battle of Ivry

Blockade of Paris

Conditions on which Henry is acknowledged king

Du Plessis' remonstrance

The Huguenots publish a book of "Complaints"

Edict of Nantes

Termination of war with the League

CHAPTER V ... page 106.

Condensed view of the condition of the French Protestants

Acts of the Fifteenth National Synod

History of Princess Catharine

Henry's marriage with Margaret annulled

Marriage with Mary de Medicis

Intrigues against Du Plessis

His work on the Eucharist

Conference at Fontainbleau

Injustice to Du Plessis

Sixteenth National Synod

Doings of the Synod at Gap

Reviving of the order of Jesuits in 1603

Their attempt to establish themselves in Rochelle

Dissensions among the Huguenots

Project of the court for uniting the Protestant and Papal churches

Sagacious conduct of D'Aubigne

Attempt to seduce Sully from the Protestant faith

Henry's preparations for a great enterprise

His assassination

CHAPTER VI ... page 133.


Concino Concini

Sully retires to Rosny

Attempt to supplant him with the Huguenots

The Mystery of Iniquity published

Proposal for a meeting of deputies of all Protestant churches

XXII Synod at Vitre-Severe education of the young king

The king's confirmation of the edict of Nantes

Condé's conspiracy, imprisonment

Assassination of D'Ancre

Bishop of Luçon

Outrages upon the Bearnese

Release of Condé

Bentivoglio's investigations

Synod at Alex

Re-assembled at Rochelle

Abjuration of Lesdiguières

Policy of Spain

Proclamation at Fontainbleau

Perfidy of the king at Saumur

Character of Du Plessis

Brave resistance of St. Jean d'Angely

Montauban invested

Hostilities at Rochelle


Breaches of it

Appointment of a court commissioner at the Assembly

Cardinal Richelieu

Return of Peace

Synod at Castres

CHAPTER VII ... page 160.

The Duke of Buckingham sent with a fleet to succour the Rochellois

His unskilful movements

His return

Warlike preparations around Rochelle

Sufferings of the inhabitants

Arrival of the Earl of Lindsay's fleet

Surrender of Rochelle


Violations of the Treaty

Siege of Privas

Pardons dispensed

Death and Character of Rohan

Synod at Charenton

Synod at Alençon

Death of Richelieu and of Louis XIII

Second Synod at Charenton

Cardinal Mazarin


The Fonde

Slaughter of the Piedmontese

Loyalty of the Huguenots

Sway of the clergy

Threatening indications

The last Synod, at Loudun

Death of Mazarin

New restrictions against the Huguenots

Sympathy of the Germans

Abjuration of Turenne

Eminent men among the Huguenots


Protestant Courts of justice abolished

New modes of Persecution

Claude's Remonstrance

Jesuits and Jansenists

Father La Chaise

Further injustice to the Protestants



Benevolent Interference of the Duchess of Lunenburg

Sufferings of those who abjured

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"Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city" Matthew 23:34 KJV
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