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"Consider that the trials and troubles, the calamities and miseries, the crosses and losses that you meet with in this world, are all the hell that ever you shall have."

Thomas Brooks

"The practice of piety frees a man from interior distraction and from irresolution in his mind, from duplicity or inconstancy in his character, and from confusion in his proceedings, and consequently securing for others freedom from deception and disappointment in their transactions with him."

Isaac Barrow

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The Marriage Ring or How to Make Home Happy by John Angell James (2010 Paperback Book Edition)


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The Marriage Ring or How to Make Home Happy

by John Angell James (Author)

Bonus sermon authored by John Owen

About the Author:

John Angell James, 1785-1859, was an English Nonconformist Preacher.

Book Description: (back cover info)

"As the church is subject to Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything. Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it." - Ephesians 5:24-25

An exhortation on Christian Marriage and its Duties.

The secret of happiness lies folded up in the leaves of the Bible and is carried in the heart of true religion. A good Christian cannot be a bad husband or father and, as this is equally true in everything, he who has the most piety will shine the most in all the relationships of life.

A Bible placed between man and wife as the basis of their union, the rule of their conduct, and the model of their spirit will make up for many differences between them, comfort them under many crosses, guide them through many straits, support them in their last sad parting from one another and reunite them in that happy world where they shall remain forever. Let the two parties in wedded life be believers in Christ Jesus and partake themselves of the peace that surpasses understanding. And if happiness is to be found on earth, it will be enjoyed within the hallowed circle of a family thus united by love and sanctified by grace.

BONUS SERMON - included at back of book:
Right to Divorce and Remarriage in the Case of Adultery by John Owen

The Marriage Ring or How to Make Home Happy by John Angell James (2010 Paperback Book Edition) Paperback Edition Details:

2010 Edition: Modernized and edited from the 1842 Edition.

Publisher:  Hail & Fire

Page Count:  154 pages

Book Binding:  Paperback (US Trade Paperback)

Product Size:  5" x 8" x .4" inches

Interior Color:  Black and White

Language(s):  English

ISBN-10:  0982804326

ISBN-13/EAN13:  9780982804322 (978-0-9828043-2-2)

BISAC Category:  Religion / Christian Life / Love and Marriage

Table of Contents:

Preface: from the 1842 Edition - xix.

Chapter 1: Forming the Marriage Union - 1.

Consulting the Advice of Parents - 3.

Importance of Mutual Affection - 4.

Consulting the Rules of Prudence - 7.

Extreme Differences in Age & Rank - 9.

Special Caution for Ministers - 10.

Uniformity of Faith & Beliefs - 10.

Marrying Only in the Lord - 11.

Do Not Be Unequally Yoked - 12.

Earnest Prayer for Direction - 14.

Best Interests of Children - 16.

Taking on the Responsibility of Stepchildren - 16.

Prepare for the Duties of Marriage - 17.

Chapter 2: The Family Circle - 23.

Family Structure & Government - 24.

Each Family Member, an Immortal Soul - 27.

When Faith is not a Familyís Foundation - 27.

Everlasting Bonds of a Believing Family - 28.

Independent & Flourishing Nature of the Domestic Constitution - 29.

Domestic Happiness, a Gift of God - 29.

Chapter 3: Mutual Duties of a Husband & Wife - 35.

Love One Another Fervently - 36.

Warning Beacon of Loveless Marriages - 38.

Guarding & Preserving Affection - 38.

Stifle Contention Before Quarrels Start - 39.

Study One Anotherís Likes & Dislikes - 40.

Dangerous Distinctions of Mine & Yours - 41.

Mutual Respect & Respectability - 41.

Mutual Companionship - 43.

Public & Religious Duties - 46.

Mutual Forbearance - 47.

Mutual Correction & Reproof - 49.

Mutual Help & Assistance - 50.

Mutual Assistance in Personal Religion - 51.

Mutual Assistance in Humane & Religious Charity - 54.

Mutual Sympathy & Care - 58.

Chapter 4: Special Duties of a Husband - 65.

Husbands Love Your Wives - 65.

As Christ Loved the Church - 67.

Christís Love was Sincere - 67.

Christís Love was Ardent - 67.

Christís Love was Supreme - 68.

Christís Love is Consistent - 69.

Christís Love was Providing - 70.

Christís Love was Unchangeable - 73.

Love Your Wife as Your Own Body - 74.

Chapter 5: Special Duties of a Wife - 81.

Wives Submit to Your Husbands - 81.

Nature of a Husbandís Authority - 82.

Submission to Weak Husbands - 84.

Biblical Grounds for Submission - 85.

Wives Respect Your Husbands - 87.

Show Respect by Your Words - 87.

Show Respect by Your Actions - 89.

Endearing Power of Respect - 90.

A Meek and Quiet Spirit - 90.

Modesty in Clothing & Appearance - 92.

All Beauty Perishes, Except Inward Grace - 96.

Economy & Thrift in Spending - 97.

A Motherís Duty, A Keeper at Home - 99.

An Unconverted Husband - 102.

Witnessing to an Unconverted Husband - 104.

Chapter 6: Conclusion - 111.


Right to Divorce & Remarriage in the Case of Adultery by John Owen - 117.

Quotations and Excerpts: (from this book)

quotation markA good Christian cannot be a bad husband or father and, as this is equally true in everything, he who has the most piety will shine the most in all the relationships of life.quotation mark

~ The Marriage Ring

Quote on a Good Christian is a Good Spouse and Parent, etc.


quotation markAffection does not forbid, but actually demands that we point out one anotherís faults. Yet, this should be done in all the meekness of wisdom, united with all the tenderness of love.quotation mark

~ The Marriage Ring

Quote on Christian Marriage, Mutual Correction and Reproof.


quotation markWe should all enter the state of marriage remembering that we are about to be united to a fallen creature. In every case, as it is not two angels that have met together, but two sinful children of Adam, from whom much weakness and waywardness must be expected, we must resign ourselves to some imperfection. Remembering that we have no small share of our own faults that call for the forbearance of the other party, we ourselves should exercise the very patience that we ask of them.quotation mark

~ The Marriage Ring

Quote on Christian Marriage, Duty of Mutual Forbearance.

quotation markOne of the ends which every believer must propose to himself, on entering the state of marriage, is to secure a faithful friend who will be a helpmate to him in reference to the world to come, assist him in the great business of his soulís salvation, and pray for him and with him. One that will affectionately tell him of his sins and defects, viewed in the light of a Christian. One that will stimulate and draw him by the power of a holy example and the sweet force of persuasive words. One that will warn him in temptation, comfort him in dejection, and in every way assist him in his pilgrimage to heaven.quotation mark

~ The Marriage Ring

Quote on Christian Dating, finding a Spiritual Helpmeet.


quotation mark'If he understands how he treats himself, nothing needs to be added concerning his demeanor towards her; for what mighty care does he take of his body and uses it with a delicate tenderness, and cares for it in all contingencies, and watches to keep it from all evils, and studies to make fair provisions for it, and is very often led by its inclinations and desires, and never contradicts its appetites, except when they are evil, and then also not without some trouble and sorrow!' So let a man love his wife as his own body.quotation mark

~ The Marriage Ring

Quote on Husbands Love Your Wives as Your Own Bodies (Ephesians 5:28-29).


quotation markIt is so commonly remarked as to be proverbial, that the charms of the mind increase by acquaintance, while those of the exterior are diminished by acquaintance. While the charms of the mind easily reconcile us to a plain countenance, the charms of the exterior excite by the power of contrast, a distaste for the insipidness, ignorance, and heartlessness with which they are unitedólike gaudy scentless flowers growing in a desert. Instead of determining to stake our happiness on the act of gathering these flowering weeds to place them in our bosom, let us ask how they will look in a few years from now or how they will adorn and bless our habitation. Let us ask if the understanding, united with that countenance, render its owner fit to be my companion and the instructor of my children? Will that temper patiently bear with my weaknesses, kindly consult my tastes, and affectionately study my comfort? Will those manners please me in solitude, as well as in society? Will those habits render my dwelling pleasant to me and to my friends? We must carefully consider these matters and hold our passions back so that we may take counsel with our judgment and suffer reason to talk with us in quiet contemplation.quotation mark

~ The Marriage Ring

Quote on Christian Dating, Selecting a Companion.