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Gehazi The Sinner Detected (2010 Illustrated and Modernized Paperback Book)


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Gehazi, The Sinner Detected
A Sermon—in Puritan style—on Temptation and Secret Sins: “Be sure your sin will find you out.” Numbers 32

by Hail & Fire (Editor, Author)

Newly Modernized, Revised, and Expanded from D. P. Kidder’s 1848 Sunday School Edition.

About the Author:

Hail & Fire is a resource for Reformed and Gospel Theology in the works, exhortations, prayers, and apologetics of those who have maintained the Gospel and expounded upon the Scripture as the Eternal Word of God and the sole authority in Christian doctrine.

Book Description: (back cover info)

"What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?" (Matthew 16:26)

Christian Sermon on Temptation and Secret Sins

Although written for the instruction of children, this remarkably powerful Puritan style sermon proves to be as soul stirring an admonition to the young and old alike.

Using the Biblical story of Gehazi, servant of the prophet Elisha—2 Kings 5—this work methodically drives home the dangers of allowing temptation and sinful desire to take root within our hearts and entice us to sin. It carefully dissects the whole history of Gehazi, from the beginning of his covetous desire and enthusiastic resolution to sin, through the short lived success of his evil scheme, its detection and punishment. Special emphasis is placed upon the absolute necessity of repentance, a lively faith in Christ Jesus’ atonement, and the continuous sanctification of all those who truly believe and rely upon God.

Gehazi The Sinner Detected (2010 Illustrated and Modernized Paperback Book) Paperback Edition Details:

2010 Illustrated and Modernized Edition:  Newly Modernized, Revised, and Expanded from D. P. Kidder’s 1848 Sunday School Edition.

Publisher:  Hail & Fire

Page Count:  62 pages

Illustrated:  5 illustrations

Book Binding:  Paperback (US Trade Paperback)

Product Size:  5" x 8" x .14" inches

Interior Color:  Black and White

Language(s):  English

ISBN-10:  0982804318

ISBN-13/EAN13:  9780982804315 (978-0-9828043-1-5)

Book Category:  Religion / Christian Life / Spiritual Warfare

Table of Contents:

Preface to the Christian Teacher - xvii.

Gehazi, the Sinner Detected - 1.

Secret sins - 1.

God is always watching - 2.

Your sin will find you out - 2.

No pardon for sin without repentance - 3.

The full story of 2 Kings 5 - 4.

Why the prophet Elisha refused Naaman’s gifts - 14.

Gehazi’s covetous desire - 15.

How sin first entered the world - 16.

Things that are outside of us cannot actually make us sin - 17.

The fisherman, the fish and the bait—sinful temptations have power only when they are willingly received by the heart - 18.

Resisting and escaping evil desires - 19.

Gehazi’s enthusiastic resolution to sin - 20.

Gehazi’s sinful actions - 20.

Sinful desires naturally progress into sinful actions when allowed to stay in the heart - 22.

Gehazi’s false peace in sinning - 23.

Weighing and testing our actions by God’s holy law - 24.

Gehazi’s sin is detected and exposed - 25.

God will expose secret sins - 26.

Gehazi’s sin is punished - 27.

Unrepentant sinners will be punished - 28.

The amazing foolishness of sin - 29.

Lessons to learn from Gehazi - 30.

Christ, repentance, faith, and sanctification - 30.

Never fool around with temptation - 31.

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness - 33.

Remember Gehazi and his leprosy - 34.

Quotations and Excerpts: (from this book)

quotation markWhenever we do wrong we sin against God; and sooner or later, in one way or another, our sin will find us out. There is no pardoning of sin without repentance; and the sorrows of repentance are only produced by remembering and regretting past sin. If we do not allow our sins to find us out in this way, so that we are truly ashamed of them and turn away from doing them again, then our sins will find us out in their punishment. Never forget this truth. Whenever you are tempted to sin, remember the prophetic voice warning you: 'YOUR SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT.'quotation mark

~ Gehazi, the Sinner Detected

Quote on "Your Sin will Find You Out" (Numbers 32).


quotation markIn this example we can see how all evil actions begin. It was in this very same manner that sin first entered the world. The devil presented the forbidden fruit as an object to be desired. At first the temptation was only external and no sin had been committed. The desire could have been ignored and refused. Eve could have said, ‘I will not even look at something that must be wrong—because God has forbidden it.’ But instead, she allowed the desire to take hold of her until she had fixed her heart upon tasting the forbidden fruit. She immediately entered into temptation and by doing this, let in the seed of all sins.quotation mark

~ Gehazi, the Sinner Detected

Quote on Temptation and Sin; How All Evil Actions Begin.


quotation markA fisherman baits his hook, the hook is attached to his fishing line, the line to his fishing pole, but the fish is not actually drawn out of the water until it willingly takes the bait itself. In this very same way, our own desires and lusts allow Satan—that wicked fisher for souls—to trick us into sinning because we have willingly permitted ourselves to be lured by his bait. Therefore, guard against those first consenting inclinations of your heart. Watch out for them and keep a firm hold on them. Satan has no power over you except in this way—when your heart willingly agrees to his temptations and gives into them. It is not merely the bait being offered on the hook that gives the fish to the fisherman, but it is the bait being willingly taken into the fish’s mouth.quotation mark

~ Gehazi, the Sinner Detected

Quote on External Temptation vs. Inward Sin.

quotation markSin is always a losing matter and sooner or later you will find it to be so. Therefore, do not have anything to do with sin. Resist the temptation as soon as it is presented to you. Do not allow yourself to desire anything that can only be had by sinning against God. Let it be a set rule and principle for you: 'Whether I gain or lose, I must not sin. Whatever I seek, I must seek it only in the paths of righteousness. I must not leave the way to heaven and enter the way to hell to find it.'quotation mark

~ Gehazi, the Sinner Detected

Quote on Resisting Temptation.


quotation markIn his dreams of the future, Gehazi probably thought of what he might become by using the property he had sinfully gotten. He must have imagined his future advancement in the world and seen himself as an owner of oliveyards and vineyards, waited upon by many menservants and maidservants. ... Visions of prosperity must have stretched out before his imagination. But the prophet spoke and the sinner felt that his sin was known. He awoke from his dream. The vision passed away, along with all the pleasure he had thinking about it. Nothing remained but the guilt with all its pain and bitter shame. For a little while sin had been sweet to him, but the sweetness was now gone forever and lasting bitterness took its place.quotation mark

~ Gehazi, the Sinner Detected

Quote on the Passing Pleasures and Enduring Agonies of Sin.